The Reading Competition

The reading competition started between my best friend, Rosalie, and me as a way for us to stay reading and have a bit of friendly fun on New Year's of 2010. We didn't have really any rules that year, although we were only supposed to read books we'd never read before but I bent that rule by reading the last two Harry Potter's and arguing it was ok to count them with a quote by C.S. Lewis. Starting 2011, we became very serious about the competition and started to create lists on our shared blog, now brought here for your enjoyment.

We're going down the rabbit hole of words.

Rules for the 2013 Reading Competition
  1. Must be a book. No textbooks, magazines, blogs, journals, newspapers, etc.
  2. Books that you have read before are allowed, but you must read a never-read-before book in-between old books. More than one new novel in a row is allowed and encouraged.
  3. No reading while the other is driving or hitting.